D-Dimer Testing

We provide EQA samples for the following devices: 

  • Cobas h232
  • Triage
  • LumiraDx

If you are using any other device not listed above, please contact us.


The D DImer EQA Programmes consist of 4 surveys per year with 1 sample per survey. To view the current year's survey schedule please click here. Samples are posted out directly to registered participants, samples must be tested and results returned by fax, email or post, before the deadline, on the results sheet provided. Registered participants will receive their reports by post and this is usually within 2 weeks of the deadline. For an explanation of how results are scored, please see below. 



UK centres can email us for prices addressed to neqas@coageqa.org.uk. If you do not have an account, you can apply here

For centres outside of the UK please contact equalsbc@coageqa.org.uk.


Quantitative methods: Cobas h232 and Triage

For results to be performance assessed a total of 20 or more users must return results. The results are analysed and a median (target) value determined. The 10% of results that are farthest above and below the median are considered outwith consensus and the central 80% of results will be graded as within consensus. In this way results are compared to all other users of the same device using the same samples.

Interpretations for POC D-dimer

Each centre is issued with a brief patient history showing a Wells score and are asked whether they can or cannot exclude DVT (tick boxes are provided). If a centre provides interpretation of results for their clinical samples, they are expected to register to return interpretations of their EQA data. All methods are performance assessed for interpretation of their result. Scoring is based upon an 80% majority view they are within consensus for interpretations, if not they are outwith consensus. If fewer than 80% of centres agree on the interpretation, the survey will not be performance assessed for interpretations.

If a centre is unable to test the sample for technical reasons (e.g. faulty device) they will not be assessed on their performance. Centres that fail to return a result or interpretation without a stated reason will be treated in the same manner as an outwith consensus performance. Participants' results and performance details are kept in confidence between UK NEQAS BC and the named individuals identified by the participant. If the results are outwith consensus in 3 consecutive surveys a letter will be sent from the Scheme Director bringing attention to this and offering assistance.

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UK NEQAS for Blood Coagulation programmes are hosted by the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We are a UKAS accredited proficiency testing provider (BS EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010).
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