Screening Tests & Assays

The following screening tests and assays are available in this programme. For details of who can participate, how to register, the survey timetable and distribution schedule, and information on data analysis, performance and support for participants, please click on the relevant links at the side of this page.

Screening Tests (Level 1 Tests)

INR: Quick's one-stage method Heparin dosage assessment (APTT for UFH)
INR: Capillary reagent method Heparin assay (anti-Xa assay for LMWH)
Prothrombin Time for diagnosis Fibrinogen estimation (Clauss)
Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time D-Dimer
Thrombin Time Lupus Anticoagulant

Assays (Level 2 tests)

Factor II Assay Von Willebrand Factor Antigen Assay
Factor V Assay

VWF:RiCof (Activity) Assay

VWF Collagen Binding Assay 

Factor VII Assay Antithrombin Antigen Assay
Factor VIII:C Assay Antithrombin Activity Assay
Factor IX:C Assay Protein C Antigen Assay
Factor X Assay Protein C Activity Assay
Factor XI Assay Protein S Total and Free Antigen Assay
Factor XII Assay

Protein S Activity Assay

APC Resistance

Plasminogen Assay

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UK NEQAS for Blood Coagulation programmes are hosted by the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We are a UKAS accredited proficiency testing provider (BS EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010).
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