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UK NEQAS for Blood Coagulation is an international External Quality Assessment (EQA) programme, providing assessment, education and support for centres performing tests of haemostasis and thrombosis. We are a non-profit centre, offering independent impartial assessment of performance in laboratories and the point of care setting, for over 40 different tests in haemostasis. In addition, we provide support to individual centres by internationally recognised experts in the field, and education through additional exercises, publications and scientific meetings.


UK NEQAS for Blood Coagulation programmes are hosted by the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We are a UKAS accredited proficiency testing provider (BS EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010).

We are a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited organisation; copies of the ISO 17043:2010 Certificate and Schedule of Accreditation are available for download.

We are a member of the UK NEQAS organisation, and comply with the UK NEQAS Code of Practice

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