Performance Analysis

The scoring and performance analysis for this programme differ from the other UK NEQAS BC programmes, in that the content and format of the report figure largely in the performance score awarded. The results of genetic studies are often dealt with by individuals who are not experts in the field of molecular haemostasis and therefore it is important that the report should be clear and 'stand alone'.

Reports from participants are anonymised and then scored by the Specialist Advisory Group using three categories; clerical, genotyping and interpretation.

Laboratories that participate in the scheme but fail to return a report within the designated time frame are deemed to have failed that particular exercise.

In line with Clinical Molecular Genetics (CGMS) policy, each report is scored on the basis of:

  • Clerical Accuracy
  • The results of genotyping
  • Interpretation of the genetic results in the context of the clinical history, relevant factor assays and in particular, whether it answers the clinical question that was posed.

Failure in any one category confers an overall fail for the exercise.

  • A score of <1 in any category is considered a fail, and a letter from the Scheme Director is sent to the participant.
  • Failure to return a result, without a valid reason given, is also considered a fail, and a letter from the Scheme Director is sent to the participant.
  • Where performance is deemed to be potentially hazardous, or persistent fails are recorded, the SAG will refer the participant anonymously to the Steering Committee and will consider recommendation for referral to the National Quality Assurance Advisory Panel (NQAAP) for Haematology.

Survey Reports

Each laboratory receives a report with their individual scores and in addition, a summary report with comments that were highlighted during that particular exercise. Cases are chosen to reflect the variety of referrals that a genetics laboratory is likely to see and the questions posed to them.

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